Maritime law

GCG International Law Firm can offer a wide range of services to its customers, contributing technical and legal solutions to their problems. GCG International Law Firm is able to provide its customers with the assistance of lawyers from its network in the following segments:

  • Purchase and sale of ships and aircraft
  • Disputes and litigation relating to the purchase and sale of ships and aircraft
  • Litigation relating to insurance
  • Salvage indemnities
  • Customs difficulties
  • Environmental issues
  • Issues relating to the construction of new ships
  • Financing and escrows
  • Issues relating to regulations
  • Damage caused by pleasure boats
  • Claims and subrogation relating to cargo
  • Claims relating to the payment of crew
  • Claims relating to international commerce, such as kidnapping or cargo theft
  • Litigation based on the activities of cruise ships

GCG International Law Firm is constantly seeking to ensure excellence, the only acceptable standard for each lawyer and each attorney in our network; hence GCG International Law Firm can guarantee that its services match the requirements of its customers and respects values which make a difference. GCG International Law Firm considers itself as a true partner of its customers, putting the expertise of the lawyers and attorneys in our network at their disposal.