International commerce

GCG International Law Firm holds in-depth expertise in international business law, European business law and litigation relating to foreign investment. Every lawyer / attorney in the network of GCG International Law Firm can claim solid expertise and recognised experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.

includes the following fields:

    • Customs
    • Customs classification (including obtaining information on Fixed rates)
    • Customs values (including commissions, royalties, etc.)
    • Excise duties
    • V.A.T. on International commerce
    • Customs and commercial litigation with national Courts and administrative bodies, and the European Court of Justice
    • Customs inspections, fines, penalties and seizure operations.

Commercial regulations

    • Intellectual property rights
    • Crossborder international waste movements
    • Export and import licences (ranging from toys to textiles)
    • Advice on all aspects of World Trade Organization agreements. We are often requested to analyse the compatibility of the different legislations and practices of WTO members.

International commercial disputes

  • We represent governments within the WTO dispute settlement panels and the Appellate body and advise our customers in the context of disputes overseen by the WTO
  • We represent European industries breaching access rules for foreign markets, breaching market agreements and offering an inadequate protection to intellectual property rights which are subject to EU rules on trade barriers.

GCG International Law Firm is constantly seeking to ensure excellence, the only acceptable standard for each lawyer and each attorney in our network; hence GCG International Law Firm can guarantee that its services match the requirements of its customers and respects values which make a difference. GCG International Law Firm considers itself as a true partner of its customers, putting the expertise of the lawyers and attorneys in our network at their disposal.
Meanwhile GCG International Law Firm can assure its excellence through out its pricing rate which usually 30 to 40% less than others. Moreover the top quality of legal advices and legal assistance presented.